The Connectors

Meet the team that makes it happen!

We are a team of consultants with cross discipline expertise in generating new business pipelines for fast growth SME’s & strategic alliances for blue chip organisations.

We specifically choose to work with organisations that we feel passionate about and want to make a difference with, and because of this, our passion allows us to deliver an exceptional service.

We effectively become part of your business and can generate high quality leads for you to meet and convert to business.

Our support is relevant at every stage of your business life cycle.

Karen Weech

The Connector

Twenty years building global brands and fast growth SMEs in the USA & Europe.

Values: Integrity, Making a Difference, Inspiration
Inspired by: Gandhi & Mandela

Karen Lindsay

The Inquisitor

Ex Professional Poker Player with strong commercial sales & marketing background within Premiership Football Club, Telecomms & Finance

Values: Passion, Authenticity & Laughter.
Inspired by: Michelle Obama.

Courtney McKevitt

The Done-it Already Girl

Motivated and hardworking with impressive organisational skills. Courtney came to MostSensational from a background in hospitality and has learnt everything she knows from Karen & the team.

Values: Determination, Reliability & Achievement.
Inspired by: J.K. Rowling.

Ashleigh Bage

The Synergy Sorceress

A passionate New Business Consultant with expertise in opening up doors within the advertising, communications, events, technology, financial & hospitality sectors.  

Values: Respect, Authenticity, Optimism
Inspired by: My Dad, for his fantastic work ethic, persistence and knowledge

Jim Imrie

The Voice of Reason

Incredibly seasoned global director: MD at BAE Systems for over 11 years & director at Vickers Defence Systems. Jim provides fantastic expertise and a future steer for the business and is just a really great guy.

Brandon Wilson

The Bean Counter

A smart numbers guy, Brandon started on an apprentice programme with us and is excelling in every exam he takes & everything he works on.  

Values: Integrity, Respect, Ambition

Inspired by: My Grandad

Mark Vernon

The Brain

A technical whizz, 25+ years developing patented, commercially successful vision products.

Values: Health, Wealth & Happiness