About Us

A team of consultants with cross discipline expertise in generating new business pipelines & strategic alliances for organisations

We specifically choose to work with organisations that we feel passionate about and want to make a difference with, and because of this, our passion allows us to deliver an exceptional service

We have a culture of determination, high energy and passion for what we do.

We strive to do things differently through optimal use of technology and innovation in order to operate as efficiently as possible.

Our core values include: integrity, responsibility & achievement.

We excel in securing new business & growth for our clients.

Our goal is to be the leading international lead generation business, that is highly regarded and a desirable place to work.

The company’s customer types & principal services include:

Blue chip: clients who require strategic alliances

Small to medium: clients who need an injection of new business or an outsourced new business team

Start-ups: clients who require business planning & marketing support

Social values are integral to the business: targeting clients that make a positive difference to the world, and by encouraging clients to make a positive difference in their communities.

Our business operates out of the UK but supports clients globally, with recent projects in the US, Middle East & Europe.

A potential customer will choose us over the competition because of our passion to succeed & our over-delivery. “We’d rather have you on-side then against us” – recent new client

We want to grow young and exciting talent – a potential employee would choose to work with us to gain: valuable experience, exposure to great clients, experience high integrity, job fulfillment & performance related rewards.

We make a big difference to your bottom line!

We build your profile

We are revenue generators for your business

We stimulate job creation

& ultimately we drive up business growth for you

Areas of Expertise

Advertising & Events

So regardless whether you are pre-startup, fast growth or been in business for 100 years – we can support you in building strong long term business pipeline for your business.