Top tips for email writing

1. Cleverness vs. Clarity

Many times, marketing and brand recognition is about standing out, being memorable and coming up with something catchy. However, the subject line of an email isn’t the time to practice this. Email recipients want to know what they can expect when they click on the message. They don’t want unwanted surprises, aren’t seeking entertainment and don’t want their time wasted. Therefore, they look to the subject line to determine if the message is worthwhile.


  • Lets talk about how to drive up your new business results
  • Looking to increase your bottom line?


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  • 50% of social media reviews will be fake by 2017 [Harvard Study]
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2. Words to Always Omit

The only thing that’s worse than having your message sent to the “Trash” folder by a recipient is to not even have it make the inbox. There are a handful of words that will send your email directly into a SPAM folder. These words include:

  • Percent off
  • Reminder
  • Help
  • Buy
  • Clearance
  • Earn £
  • Make £
  • Earn
  • From home
  • Biz
  • Cash
  • Claim
  • Collect
  • Income
  • Get out of
  • Increase your
  • Prescriptions
  • Free
  • Millions
  • Urgent
  • Dear

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